New Items, New Years

I have always found social media to be fun and something I usually keep lighthearted.  I am sucker for pretty photos and seeing my loved ones enjoy life.  Since starting a mostly online business, I have quickly learned how tiring and frankly weird this social media world can be.  I’ve learned how I need to take breaks, even when they may cause me to loose some potential clients.  I entered into this new year with simple plans and dreams for Russell Sprouts Kids.  I tend to take on too much and can get burnt out quickly, so by knowing myself I have written out small goals and milestones I hope to attain. 


I have always loved working with my hands, rather that be setting a table, painting a dresser or decorating a room, making sure every item is just ‘right’.  Now, I have found a new way to use my hands by working with fabrics.  I am still new and still learning, but I am excited to share some little items for your small ones made with BIG love.