Vase Wall Tutorial

You may be like us and have a blemish (or two) on a wall in your home.  When building and planning the design of our house, we originally planned on having the kitchen where are living area is now.  It wasn’t until too late that we changed our plans and noticed how we left two outlets half way up one of our living room walls.  Oops!  


These were placed here for our kitchen to have outlets above our counter top.  Since they weren’t where we wanted our tv to go, we found them to be pretty useless, and not so pretty.  I wanted this wall to be more open and not have big pieces hanging, like frames and such.  That would be an easy fix to place two pictures over the outlets! 

I loved the look of wall vases.  I wanted to find something that was small and simple.  I found some pretty affordable options online, but I envisioned the vases to almost be floating, most of what I could find had a wood block around the vase.  With our wall not being all that big I didnt want your eyes to notice how the vases were hanging on the wall, but more of the colors the items in the vase drew to your attention.  I decided to go to hobby lobby to see what I could find. 


I really liked the simple style of these smaller clear vases.  I came up with the idea to wrap burlap string around the top of the vases below the lip, nail those to the wall and let them hang! 


I really enjoy how perfectly they fit without cluttering up our wall.  It is so fun to have something to be a statement piece, but be interchangeable.  To be able to add different flowers or leaves throughout the seasons really makes it fun!


I am loving how the berries look for Christmas!  Thankful to not be looking at useless outlets half way up our wall now :)