Hannah and Logan’s Fixer Upper: An Update

Hey there! I thought it might be fun to share with you all a little update on the progress of our tiny home.

When I moved home after college, my parents helped me convert an old tool room and office space that was connected to an exterior garage into my room.  It was nice having my own little space, but lifting up a garage door everyday to get in and out got old quick!

When Logan and I got engaged we immediately started planning where we would live.  Sure buying a house sounded nice, but not really a reality for us.  We decided to accept my parents offer to redo their exterior garage and tool room and make it into our home.  Risky, I know, but after praying on it, we knew it was the right decision for us.  So we got right to work!

We now have our own bedroom, living room, kitchen and loft space!  Still have a lot of work to do.  Every weekend is another project, but we have really put our hearts into it and have grown together in ways I didn’t even expect!  Building something, especially when you are using your own hands for most of it, feels very satisfying.  Seeing a project completed and having pride in what you worked so hard on makes any frustrations worth it!

We are currently working on our back deck, finishing up our loft area and our front patio.  I wanted to share some before and after photos of our work with you.  Here is a good look at what we started with and how our kitchen has turned out.  Next I will share with you our living area.  I cannot wait to keep you guys updated with this and excited for our next steps!