New Items, New Years

I have always found social media to be fun and something I usually keep lighthearted.  I am sucker for pretty photos and seeing my loved ones enjoy life.  Since starting a mostly online business, I have quickly learned how tiring and frankly weird this social media world can be.  I’ve learned how I need to take breaks, even when they may cause me to loose some potential clients.  I entered into this new year with simple plans and dreams for Russell Sprouts Kids.  I tend to take on too much and can get burnt out quickly, so by knowing myself I have written out small goals and milestones I hope to attain. 


I have always loved working with my hands, rather that be setting a table, painting a dresser or decorating a room, making sure every item is just ‘right’.  Now, I have found a new way to use my hands by working with fabrics.  I am still new and still learning, but I am excited to share some little items for your small ones made with BIG love. 

Vase Wall Tutorial

You may be like us and have a blemish (or two) on a wall in your home.  When building and planning the design of our house, we originally planned on having the kitchen where are living area is now.  It wasn’t until too late that we changed our plans and noticed how we left two outlets half way up one of our living room walls.  Oops!  


These were placed here for our kitchen to have outlets above our counter top.  Since they weren’t where we wanted our tv to go, we found them to be pretty useless, and not so pretty.  I wanted this wall to be more open and not have big pieces hanging, like frames and such.  That would be an easy fix to place two pictures over the outlets! 

I loved the look of wall vases.  I wanted to find something that was small and simple.  I found some pretty affordable options online, but I envisioned the vases to almost be floating, most of what I could find had a wood block around the vase.  With our wall not being all that big I didnt want your eyes to notice how the vases were hanging on the wall, but more of the colors the items in the vase drew to your attention.  I decided to go to hobby lobby to see what I could find. 


I really liked the simple style of these smaller clear vases.  I came up with the idea to wrap burlap string around the top of the vases below the lip, nail those to the wall and let them hang! 


I really enjoy how perfectly they fit without cluttering up our wall.  It is so fun to have something to be a statement piece, but be interchangeable.  To be able to add different flowers or leaves throughout the seasons really makes it fun!


I am loving how the berries look for Christmas!  Thankful to not be looking at useless outlets half way up our wall now :)


Hannah and Logan’s Fixer Upper: An Update

Hey there! I thought it might be fun to share with you all a little update on the progress of our tiny home.

When I moved home after college, my parents helped me convert an old tool room and office space that was connected to an exterior garage into my room.  It was nice having my own little space, but lifting up a garage door everyday to get in and out got old quick!

When Logan and I got engaged we immediately started planning where we would live.  Sure buying a house sounded nice, but not really a reality for us.  We decided to accept my parents offer to redo their exterior garage and tool room and make it into our home.  Risky, I know, but after praying on it, we knew it was the right decision for us.  So we got right to work!

We now have our own bedroom, living room, kitchen and loft space!  Still have a lot of work to do.  Every weekend is another project, but we have really put our hearts into it and have grown together in ways I didn’t even expect!  Building something, especially when you are using your own hands for most of it, feels very satisfying.  Seeing a project completed and having pride in what you worked so hard on makes any frustrations worth it!

We are currently working on our back deck, finishing up our loft area and our front patio.  I wanted to share some before and after photos of our work with you.  Here is a good look at what we started with and how our kitchen has turned out.  Next I will share with you our living area.  I cannot wait to keep you guys updated with this and excited for our next steps!


Introducing Russell Sprouts Kids: Our Story

Hello and welcome!  I am so happy to be able to say that Russell Sprouts Kids has officially launched!  This journey seems to have happened over night, but has been a dream of mine for so long.

How did I get here?  Well, I have always had a love for the little touches and details.  I have some extremely talented people in my family that I have admired since a child. They've been my inspiration. 

It wasn’t until January of this year that I felt I was able to put my desires into action.  I married Logan, the most supportive man, at the beginning of 2017.  We moved into an exterior garage (yeah, garage) on my parents property and made it our home!  Crazy?  Kind of!  But we are loving it.  This project has been so special to us, and I have gotten to come up with all sorts of ideas on how to make this tiny brick building a space for Logan and I to start our lives together.  My loving father and husband have put their hands to work, while my mother and I get to plan all the fun stuff!  I enjoy shopping for cute items to put in our home, but I really found a love for creating pieces myself (with a lot of Logan’s help)!  I would find things around our construction zone and think “how can we reuse this”.  This has been so fun for me and definitely such a special part of Russell Sprouts.


So how did ‘kids’ become a part of all this?  Glad you asked!  My degree is in Family and Child Development.  I love it!  I have had many dreams for what my career would look like, and I pursued those full heartily, but the good Lord kept changing my path.  I found this frustrating and not part of my ‘plan’.  I found myself being led to start something on my own, but how terrifying is that?  Again, I had many ideas of what this could look like, but no true direction.  With a love for decorating and excitement to start a family with my new husband, a big light bulb went off.  Why not put the two together?  Decorating a child’s space can be so fun, but also stressful.  How do you keep it functional and practical?  I am excited to walk through this with you!  While creating my own pieces, and providing decorating services for children’s spaces will be a part of Russell Sprouts Kids, I am also excited to offer special and unique lines of children’s clothing.  

I love kid’s fashion and those tiny outfits just make me giddy.  All of my clothes in the shop are Ethical and Fair Trade made.  Meaning, no child labor, ever, sweatshop free clothing, fair wages and a safe work environment.  Not to mention, they are all certified organic clothing and improving the lives of the people who make them.  Who wouldn’t want their kiddos to be sporting this!  Children’s clothing has become so special to me and I hope you and your littles will enjoy these wonderful pieces!

My hope for Russell Sprouts Kids is to grow alongside you and the little sprouts in your life.  I am so happy to share this experience with you!